At Joyson Safety Systems, protecting the global environment is almost as important as saving human life. We are dedicated to protecting the environment and aim to use natural resources as efficiently as possible.

To leave an abundant and healthy environment to future generations, all companies at Joyson Safety Systems have implemented initiatives to obtain ISO14001 certification for their environmental management systems and almost all have qualified.

Each of our business locations conduct activities that help to reduce our carbon footprint. We have developed systems that reduce electric power consumption, the volume of our waste, and the use of paper and plastic bags. We also encourage our team members to participate in environmental preservation programs in their communities.

We develop products that do not harm the environment and work to reduce the burden our products place on the ecosystem. Also, by designing products that are lighter in weight and more compact, we contribute to enhancing the performance of automobiles and reducing fuel consumption. We are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and contributing to positive coexistence between the automobile and the natural environment.


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