Joyson Safety Systems: A Company of Firsts

From our first steps in the 1950's to our latest strides on the global stage, we've been putting safety first as a pioneer in automotive safety systems.

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Joyson Safety Systems is one of the world's leading automotive safety companies, supplying nearly all the world's major automakers with a product range that includes seat belts, airbag systems, steering wheels, child seats, and electronic devices such as satellite sensors and electronic control units.

46,000 employees

operations in
23 countries.

55 locations
worldwide in 23 countries
8 locations in Japan
19 locations in The Americas
16 locations in Europe
12 locations in Asia

Safety Systems:
A Company of Firsts
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Careers at Joyson Safety Systems

At Joyson Safety Systems, we are committed to realizing the ultimate goal of automotive safety: reducing the number of fatalities from traffic accidents to zero. We are seeking candidates who can help us achieve this goal.

I love working in the safety field! It's so rewarding to know that products you developed and tested are saving lives!”
Being able to help and provide security for humanity is the reason why I take pleasure in working in the safety field.”


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